Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 6 of 16 of FIRST HALFIE EVER!!! Plan!!

I ran the first race of the season today!!! 29:58!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST SUB-30 5K!!!!

Sunday 03.22 -- 5K Race Day! DONE!!!!
Monday 03.23 -- Easy Run, 2mi, weight training DONE!!!!
Tuesday 03.24 -- Rest! DONE!!!!
Wednesday 03.25 -- 4mi@10:18, 6mi total DONE!!!!!
Thursday 03.26 -- Rest!
Friday 03.27 -- Easy Run, 2mi, weight training
Saturday 03.28 -- Long Run, 8mi, weight training

I've been slacking on the weight training, because I just don't like doing it, but it neeeeeeds to be done!

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